Ancient History

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A woman has a conversation with her decorative scarecrow

decorative scarecrow

“Hi again!”

“Oh, it’s you.”

“You’re a bit dusty. You smell. Nothing a little fresh air won’t fix!”

“Gee, thanks. I’m not sure the past year has been kind to you, either.”

“Let’s shake you out and fluff your straw a bit!”

“Watch it! I think there’s a black widow living inside […]

An Open Letter to Old Navy Regarding a Lying Onesie

Dear Old Navy,

The next time you put a dinosaur on a shirt, consult my son. You are insufferable to him.




Sam loves dinosaurs. He’s loved them since he was a toddler. At age four, he taught himself how to read. I think his motivation, for real, was so […]

Scene from a Happy Childhood

Every spring, my K-8 kids have a mandatory, massive, ridiculously involved school project called Night of the Notables. They have to become a notable person from history, dress as the person, and give a speech. I dread it and I look forward to it. There’s work, but reward. I learn a lot from my kids […]