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The World’s Worst Healing Garden

The bank of elevators on the hospital’s third floor led to a small, pointless waiting area. It greeted people who found themselves stopping at the most dreaded floor in the building. A large sign hung from the ceiling just around a corner. Oncology was to the left. The ICU was to the right. If one […]

The Asparagus Birds

For two years, I was proud to be a contributor at A Deeper Story. I wrote alongside many amazing authors, writers, and poets, often wondering how on earth I got so lucky. I often felt unworthy. They were the Alice Coopers to my Wayne.

Nish Wiseth, the founder and chief editor, has decided the […]

Skirting the barren

I’ve been quiet around here lately, probably because late winter makes laser beams shoot out of my eyes and ears and not in a cool Saturday night dance party kind of way. The crust of the earth is a fallow cracking shell, blanketed by snow, ice, mud over and over. Glimpses of spring are coming […]