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What Do You Do With a Big Blue Two?

Ollie’s second birthday theme was Thomas the Tank Engine, who is a cheery shade of bright blue. The cake was blue velvet and the plates were blue. When I looked at the birthday candle selection, a blue “2” caught my eye. I didn’t think about the size in relation to the cake until it was […]

Everyone’s Birthday Should Be in Early October

When we were thinking about how to celebrate Ollie’s second birthday, we knew we needed to include certain elements. He loves to go bye in the car. He loves to be outside. He loves trees, rocks, animals, and water. He revels in nature, like many little kids. But he seems to take it to another […]

A First Birthday Fox Party

cute fox birthday cake

Ollie has discovered music. He dances during our family dance parties, bouncing along and swaying with a huge grin on his face. One of the bounciest songs is the bizarre and ear-wormrific “What Does the Fox Say?” by the Norwegian brothers known as Ylvis. If you haven’t seen it, which tropical island hosted your shipwreck? […]