Ancient History

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Gold Rush

It turns out Aspen isn’t just the city Lloyd and Harry deliver a briefcase to Mary Samsonite. Aspens are a towering grass with soft white stalks and a habit of turning brilliant, bursting yellow every September. Colorado is home to zillions of these glimmering flame-like trees and we got to go see a few this […]

Summer Photo Splash #4

After arriving home from Grand Junction, we concentrated on a lot of outside play. The kids biked and went to playgrounds, as well as simply hanging out at home.

But last Wednesday, I returned to Grand Junction, taking Aidan and Sam with me. I took them because they are older, […]

How to Letterbox

In celebration of finding our 200th letterbox, I wanted to share what this hobby has done for our family, how it works, and why others should consider joining in.

People often hear “letterboxing” and believe it has something to do with mailing letters or having a pen pal.

It’s not. We describe it as […]