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An Open Letter to Old Navy Regarding a Lying Onesie

Dear Old Navy,

The next time you put a dinosaur on a shirt, consult my son. You are insufferable to him.




Sam loves dinosaurs. He’s loved them since he was a toddler. At age four, he taught himself how to read. I think his motivation, for real, was so […]

The fog comes on little Tarbosaurus bataar feet

I posed a deep philosophical question to the kids today as we drove to school: Would you rather fight 100 cat-sized t-rexes or 1 t-rex-sized cat?

One of the greatest things about a question like this is it brings out each child’s personality and reveals their unique outlook on the world. They all chuckled […]

He goes all the way to 11

Lego Sam

When you meet Sam for the first time, chances are good he’ll ask what is your favorite dinosaur. If you say “Brontosaurus,” I feel sorry for you. Facepalm!

Sam is one of those rare people who likes to read maps for fun. He claims he’d pay to talk about dinosaurs. […]