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It’s 10-4, Good Buddy

People seem to marvel how quickly a baby’s first year flies by, but honestly, it went by rather slowly for me. When Ollie was six months old, I wrote about the turtle-like pace of his first half-year. The second half was more of the same stroll, but with added mobility, smarty-pants discoveries, saying words on […]

Bananas and Barrels: A Donkey Kong Country Returns Birthday

Sam was welcomed to his teen years by a gorilla on a mission and his red-hatted little monkey pal. Really, running through a jungle while smashing barrels and fighting banana-stealers is a lot like being a teen. It’s tough, but fun work and often involves frantic searches for food with friends.

One of Nintendo’s newest […]

My Nine Little Valentines

We’ve had a pair of giant novelty red velvet heart-shaped blue-lensed sunglasses for several years. They’re beat up. The lenses are scratched, velvet has been eroded away, but they, like all hearts, must go on…

I busted them out for a pre-Valentine’s Day photoshoot with the kids. All put their own spin on the […]