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Your Summer ’15 Fruit Salad Looks Like This Now

There is something lovely about seeing the first blush of a splashing sweet peach, a tart apple, a sweet soft pear. In late August, when my chin is sticky from a Palisade Peach, I’ll remember how it began. The Grand Valley in western Colorado is in full, glorious bloom. Here’s the evidence, taken just days […]

It’s Time to Wake Up

We don’t stand a chance here when it comes to wind.

We live near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The wind that carries storm systems from the Pacific arches over the mountains to the west of us. It crests and considers the Great Plains below and beyond. White mountain peaks often appear to […]

Skirting the barren

I’ve been quiet around here lately, probably because late winter makes laser beams shoot out of my eyes and ears and not in a cool Saturday night dance party kind of way. The crust of the earth is a fallow cracking shell, blanketed by snow, ice, mud over and over. Glimpses of spring are coming […]