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Saturday Siblings ~ Oldest and Youngest (video edition)

Aidan often sings to Ollie. I asked her to demonstrate in 15 seconds or less. She delivered. In French.

(if you can’t see the video, refresh this page, or go to this link)

Teddy loves Ollie

Teddy yanks Ollie’s arm like it’s an old school slot machine handle. Teddy positions his face 1/8 inch from Ollie’s, saying, “Ollie! Ollie! Ollie! Ollie! Ollie!” Teddy piles his little cars on Ollie in hopes he will play. Ollis is his baby. Not yours. Not mine. Certainly not Ryley’s.

Teddy and Ollie


Saturday Siblings ~ The Early Bird Brothers

My two pre-term boys are Archie and Ollie. They were both 36-weekers. Born before the timer went off, they each had a uniquely rocky start but are thriving now. Looking at them, you’d never know.