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We Found Summer at Water World

When we walked into Water World, Teddy looked around, gasped, and shouted, “It’s like we’re on a vacation!” He was spot-on. Nothing transforms summer in the suburbs into exotic, sun-soaked fun than a massively creative collection of water slides, pools, and playgrounds. 70 acres of rolling hills with dozens of spots to play = vacation. […]

You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Lady! #4 Shocked Me!

1. I’m adopting the new style of headline writing and list-making for our pathetic attention spans and hunger for sensationalism.

2. Just kidding. This is only for today.

3. I have a kid starting kindergarten in five days and another starting senior year in twelve days. These are big deal milestones.

4. There […]

Saturday Siblings ~ Water Balloon Warriors

It started small on Sam’s 14th birthday and grew into a battle that not only included balloons, they busted out the squirt guns. We hauled everything down to a the park at the end of our street so they’d have room to spread out.