Ancient History

How to guarantee a snow day*

Who knew toilet ice could do this?

There’s a legend amongst elementary school folk.

The legend is whispered over worksheets that are blown away in the wind after school because why zip them backpacks? Never you mind, it’s just a dot-to-dot of Betsy Ross sewin’ the flag.

The legend is passed like an 80s note, all folded fancy-like into a […]

Dropping the Claw


My throat was lined with fiery shards. The rest of my body felt like it was pressed in a waffle iron, clammy setting. It seemed natural I should drive myself through the snow to a grocery store walk-in urgent care clinic. My primary care doctor does not perform rapid strep tests, as they are laboring […]

Valiant Little Things


The stones last week threw our way created traveling ripples. With time and distance, the waves are more gentle.

February’s first hours brought our biggest snowstorm yet. Weather forecasters called the system that brought our moisture “The Pineapple Express.” It originates beyond Hawaii, out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It moves quickly, […]