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From the thriftshop, down the road

Aidan and I hit a thrift shop one weeknight after dinner. After striking out in the clothing section, we moved on to housewares. Every shelf held treasures of the iffy, tacky, sublime, and bizarre. I’d like to think the same wonderful person donated all of the following items.

It was love at third sight. […]

Never eat alone

I have never eaten in a restaurant alone. I’ve eaten in food courts, hospital cafeterias, and in airports without a companion. The sense you’re an oddball simply isn’t present as you munch on a Polish dog at Midway in Chicago. Nearly everyone is in the same boat—in transit and hungrier for something more than a […]

Winter Wonderful at Snow Mountain Ranch

I took 36 pairs of mittens and gloves to the YMCA of the Rockies’ Snow Mountain Ranch. Between all of us, we only have 22 hands. I packed 13 pairs of boots for ten people who can walk and 19 hats for 11 noggins. A giant plastic bin barely closed because of the 12 pairs […]