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An Open Letter to Old Navy Regarding a Lying Onesie

Dear Old Navy,

The next time you put a dinosaur on a shirt, consult my son. You are insufferable to him.




Sam loves dinosaurs. He’s loved them since he was a toddler. At age four, he taught himself how to read. I think his motivation, for real, was so […]

Boy genius, boy genius, boy genius

When I was little, a friend of my mom’s gave a box of her kids’ outgrown clothes to us. I misheard during the exchange, thinking they were called “handy-down clothes.” This mistake persisted embarrassingly long into my adulthood. But my innocent take on the act of kindness makes sense. Hand-me-downs are handy.

After Teddy […]

…people like lists (vol. 13)

1. I became intrigued with a certain one-ingredient ice cream recipe. Who wouldn’t? Several weeks ago, there was a lot of buzz about freezing bananas and making faux ice cream by putting the iced chunks in a blender. Here’s the recipe.

My review: It doesn’t live up to the hype. It’s been touted as […]