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My name is Gretchen and I am a married mom of nine kids ages three to eighteen. We live in Colorado. You probably just thought about pot.

I’ve been writing at Lifenut since September 2004. That’s a very long time to be doing something in relative obscurity, but I love it and have no plans to stop. I’ve written for several other blogs as a featured writer, including Mile High Mamas, Denver Parent, 5 Minutes for Parenting, and A Deeper Story. I also have a very neglected photo blog called Snap Cake and maybe if I announce it here, I’ll be inspired to do something more with it.


Then, I remember nine kids, two dogs, and a dear husband. I write mostly about them, but I also write movie reviews, product reviews, and about living in Colorado and the multitude of things to do in this glorious, high place.

You thought of pot again, didn’t you?

I also write about faith, but stay away from politics and current events. There is already too much noise and I’m not about to add to it. My house is noisy enough.