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Younger Siblings Suggest Tattoos for Their Almost 18-year-old Sister

Aidan is closing in on 18. Last night, we were talking about the trend of brand-new adults running out to get their first tattoos the moment they’re legal. When I turned 18, the big thing was to buy lottery tickets and avoid committing felonies. Now, it’s all about the ink.

Occasionally, she has brought […]

All Hail Halloween 2014

I’m a little late to the Halloween photo share fest. There is not one Elsa or Olaf in the bunch. We seemed to have an animal-oriented holiday this year. Six out of the nine kids dressed up with four of them saluting our furry or feathered friends. From youngest to oldest:

Ollie wore the […]

Fifth grade is the friendliest grade, and other first day lessons

First day of school photos are non-negotiable. They will happen, come zit or cowlick, come mismatched oddball fashion choice, come whatever. I’m don’t rush out and buy first day of school outfits because my choices end up being even more corny than how they kids already dress half the time, so they wear whatever strikes […]