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Exhausted in the Right Arms

Ollie has fully recovered from a startling, sudden, severe case of croup. It was his first. I’ve dealt with croup many times, but this was a whole new level of croup. Like a Croup Vortex. I took him to the doctor after a very long night and it was rough. I had never seen him […]

Skirting the barren

I’ve been quiet around here lately, probably because late winter makes laser beams shoot out of my eyes and ears and not in a cool Saturday night dance party kind of way. The crust of the earth is a fallow cracking shell, blanketed by snow, ice, mud over and over. Glimpses of spring are coming […]

Baby Jesus and the Loud Cows

I hate doing this two posts in a row. Why bother having Lifenut if I spend all my time writing elsewhere? I don’t. It just happened to hit all in one busy, eye-bag spawning week.

Today, my latest post is up at A Deeper Family. I wrote about Christmas music preferences and prejudices—specifically in […]