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Mother’s Days of My Life

1. I was 7 1/2 months pregnant with Aidan. My husband didn’t get anything for me. Later, he explained I wasn’t a “real” mother yet. My feelings were really hurt. When a waiter at a Mother’s Day buffet gave a carnation to me, I felt vindicated. Wherever you are, carnation guy, thank you.

2. […]

Busting the Customary

I was waiting in the car for the last of the three high schoolers to exit the house. The engine was running. The two who were already in the car were moaning over how the third was going to make them all late for first period. I was ready to honk when the tardy kid […]

How Our Big Family: Serves Meals

There are 11 of us with teeth. That means I need to feed these 11 mouths at least three times a day, plus snacks and treats. My renditions of bland spaghetti, random casseroles, ambitious soups, and tough meats are foisted on my mostly-understanding family.

Mealtimes with this many people to feed could be complicated […]