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New at the Zoo

He was asleep when we saw these

The last time I went to the zoo, Ollie was riding around inside me. It was so hot, I took shelter in the air-conditioned gift shop, a place I normally avoid. Kids and gift shops need validation from each other. One needs tacky personalized souvenir license plates. The other needs allowance money.

Yesterday, we […]

Boy genius, boy genius, boy genius

When I was little, a friend of my mom’s gave a box of her kids’ outgrown clothes to us. I misheard during the exchange, thinking they were called “handy-down clothes.” This mistake persisted embarrassingly long into my adulthood. But my innocent take on the act of kindness makes sense. Hand-me-downs are handy.

After Teddy […]

Oliver Epic ~ A Birth Story

When Teddy was born a little over two years ago, I noted he backed his way into the world. He was breech. It was a difficult delivery marked by a stuck head, severed bladder, severe internal scarring, and time in the special care nursery. Before he was born, I was on full bedrest for a […]