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He likes you

Sam is 12 and he is holding newborn Oliver. After I fed Ollie this morning, I was reminded I like to eat, too. I asked for a volunteer to hold the baby while I made oatmeal. Three of my boys shouted, “ME!” Sam won, not because he was first but because he was second. The […]

40 Days and 40 nights

Oliver is 40 days old today.

In many faith and cultural traditions, mothers are encouraged—and sometimes required—to rest the entirety of the first 40 days. I didn’t have the luxury. But there are different types of rest.

Like the rest a mama gets from watching her baby rest.

Oliver ~ […]

Elbowed over

The evidence is clear. I’ve sorted through the mounds of data and must declare the truth: I’m old.

This can be the only explanation for why I wake every morning with stiff, creaky elbows that shout accusing words of pain. I know why they hurt. I have a newborn and he prefers to be […]