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New at the Zoo

The last time I went to the zoo, Ollie was riding around inside me. It was so hot, I took shelter in the air-conditioned gift shop, a place I normally avoid. Kids and gift shops need validation from each other. One needs tacky personalized souvenir license plates. The other needs allowance money.

Yesterday, we returned to the zoo. This time, it was unseasonably warm for winter. It was bright and clear. We ate a picnic lunch outside as a peacock stalked crumbs. It was a perfect mix of nice weather, small crowds, and active animals.

He won’t remember his first trip to the Denver Zoo, but I will.

Ollie ~ 3 months

He may have seen this

He may have seen that

He was asleep when we saw these...

...and these

Someday he will run the bleachers...

He will spy a polar bear who is thankful it's winter

He will get to know and love big brother Joel's favorite animal

In winter, the giraffes are made of ice, too

He wasn't the only baby at the zoo.

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