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Love is a Choice

For two years, I was proud to be a contributor at A Deeper Story. I wrote alongside many amazing authors, writers, and poets, often wondering how on earth I got so lucky. I often felt unworthy. They were the Alice Coopers to my Wayne.

Nish Wiseth, the founder and chief editor, has decided the […]

Walk like a man

“Oh my gosh! He’s walking like a people!”

Ollie is officially stomping around our house. Like a car out of alignment from too many brushes with potholes, he veers a little to the left. He adjusts himself, though, having enough skill to recalibrate to the open arms ahead. It’s delightful and bittersweet. How lucky […]

The morning rabbit


Last Thursday was a bad morning. We got a late start, the kids bickered, I nagged. One kid didn’t do his homework the night before and was panic-finishing a few worksheets, consulting me for answers I didn’t know. We rolled out of the house growling at each other. The kids walked around the van and […]