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American cheese and a pillow left in a car

Today marks the 15th anniversary since I went into labor with our first son, Ryley. He wasn’t born this day. He waited until mid-morning January 22nd to finally scoot out and say hello to all of us in Room 12.

I suppose I remember today almost as fondly as tomorrow because I knew I […]

9 Births in 27 Words

Ollie: Surprise stunning ease.

(Here are the other kids, originally published on June 23, 2011 as a part of a writing exercise.)

Aidan: Complicated painful delight.

Ryley: Natural, shaking, ecstatic.

Sam: Sleepy, sudden, lunchtime.

Tommy: Racing, sinking, racing.

Joel: Flashbacks, hushed, gratefulness.

Beatrix: Prolapse, cutting, alive.

Archie: Kicking down door.

Teddy: Backward, bound, freed.

Oliver Epic ~ A Birth Story

When Teddy was born a little over two years ago, I noted he backed his way into the world. He was breech. It was a difficult delivery marked by a stuck head, severed bladder, severe internal scarring, and time in the special care nursery. Before he was born, I was on full bedrest for a […]