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He goes all the way to 11

Lego Sam

When you meet Sam for the first time, chances are good he’ll ask what is your favorite dinosaur. If you say “Brontosaurus,” I feel sorry for you. Facepalm!

Sam is one of those rare people who likes to read maps for fun. He claims he’d pay to talk about dinosaurs. He adores Wisconsin and France. He dreams of having a garlic and jalapeno garden. Sam’s a great dancer and he laughs like Snoopy. He won his K-8 school’s Geography Bee this past year. He’s an awesome, patient, playful brother. Everywhere we go, he’s treated like Norm from “Cheers.”


He’ll smile, broadly.

Happy 11th Birthday to Sammyball, my dear, my darling, my son.

(birth story fans can read his here)

9 comments to He goes all the way to 11

  • Oh, Sam! A kindred spirit! I’ve never met anyone else who reads maps for fun. Even in the age of iPhones and Google Places and GPS, I still carry my trusty road atlas with me in the car. I literally used to wile away the hours on road trips by reading the road atlas.

    And I think my AJ would find a kindred in him, too, with her love of dinosaurs. (her favorite is spinosaurus.)


    • Gretchen von Lifenut

      Sam would approve of AJ’s dinosaur choice. If he has one fault, it’s that he’s a dinosaur snob! 😀

      I’ll pass along your birthday wishes. Thanks, Megan!

  • Amy

    Happy Birthday, Sam! I hope you have a great day celebrating!

    For the record, my favorite dinosaur is a Velociraptor.

  • I have a newphew Sam… he makes me feel this eay – God bless you on your eleventh birthday Sam! Hoping you find this year to be wonderful. I love your lego portrait! Oh, and favorite dinosaur… not a huge fan, but I do however, love Rex from Toy Story 🙂

  • Brian

    Happy Birthday Nephew!

    I like reading maps for fun too 😀

  • Gretchen

    Happy Birthday Sam! My Samuel turned 13 on Sunday; his birthday list was mostly Legos!

  • Oh happy birthday Sam… eleven was my best year!!! We have a map reader, garlic lover, dinosaur seeker!!! Hope your year is totally brilliant!!!

  • Shayne

    Happy belated birthday, Sam!

  • Happy birthday Sam! From one map enthusiast to another.

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