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What it’s like to have big, medium, and small kids all at the same time

It’s like sailing a ship through rough seas with sock puppets on your feet and your hands tied behind your back.

It’s having a deep, interesting conversation while you try to remove a crayon someone stuck in a rubber duck.

It’s changing a diaper while someone yells to be wiped while another adds maxi-pads […]

It’s 10-4, Good Buddy

People seem to marvel how quickly a baby’s first year flies by, but honestly, it went by rather slowly for me. When Ollie was six months old, I wrote about the turtle-like pace of his first half-year. The second half was more of the same stroll, but with added mobility, smarty-pants discoveries, saying words on […]

My last baby’s first tooth is my last first tooth

Ollie’s first tooth popped through his gums this morning. He’s only 11.5 months old. What’s the rush?

Someone asked me if his milestones are especially poignant, knowing he’s our last baby. Yes.

Yes, his milestones have inspired more quiet reflection than with the other kids. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited or proud […]