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How we rid the world of our three-year-old’s pacifier

The dirty looks starting rolling in around age two and a half.

Pacifiers get the side-eye, regardless. People are convinced they lead to orthodontic and speech issues, but I’m not. Out of our nine kids, only one didn’t use a pacifier. Guess which child had speech therapy? If you guessed the one who never […]

Goodbye, Crib

One recent day, I returned home from errands with my girls to find my husband and little boys standing in the driveway, grinning. They were hanging Christmas lights on the front of our house. Clearly, they were relishing the opportunity to help daddy with such a fun and important task. I admired their difficult and […]

A heart in the right place

It’s always an emotionally tricky time when your child hits a major milestone. Tomorrow, Archie, our seventh child, starts kindergarten. It’s been three years since we’ve had a Kindergartner in all their chirpy wiggly-toothed eager glory. Every last one of them has entered Kindergarten proud and ready to move into the orbit populated by big […]