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It’s 10-4, Good Buddy

People seem to marvel how quickly a baby’s first year flies by, but honestly, it went by rather slowly for me. When Ollie was six months old, I wrote about the turtle-like pace of his first half-year. The second half was more of the same stroll, but with added mobility, smarty-pants discoveries, saying words on purpose, pointing at things of interest, shaking his head “no” but never yes. Not yet.

When I woke up a year ago today, I had no idea it was going be a birthday. I didn’t know for the rest of my life, 10-4-12 would shine from the calendar, red-circled, full of memory and meaning. Our last, our littlest, our sweet Ollie is now one.

Ollie, New

Ollie, Six Months


Birth story fans can read his here.

Up this weekend? A party!

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