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Quiz: Are you Living with a Four-Year-Old Boy?

1. Old MacDonald has a…

a) Farm b) Cow c) Poop

2. A young child has a secret to tell you. What is it?

a) “I know what daddy got you for your birthday!” b) “(Sibling’s name) took the rest of your chocolate!” c) After giggling that sprays your ear with saliva, “Poop!”


These simple days

I sat down to eat lunch with Teddy, who at newly-four is brimming with observations and ideas.

“Let’s talk about chickens,” he suggested.

I nodded because I had just taken a bite of my one millionth hot dog and couldn’t scream yes.

“Some chickens are white. Some chickens are black. Some chickens are […]

What it’s like to have big, medium, and small kids all at the same time

It’s like sailing a ship through rough seas with sock puppets on your feet and your hands tied behind your back.

It’s having a deep, interesting conversation while you try to remove a crayon someone stuck in a rubber duck.

It’s changing a diaper while someone yells to be wiped while another adds maxi-pads […]