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Icing and pickles

Yesterday was my birthday. I’m now 43, which depresses my daughter because I’m not 42. That was the age of the answer to life, the universe, everything. She was mournful as she noted it. When I told her I had re-slipped into obscurity and mediocrity, she told me to stop talking about it, I was […]

Descriptions of a Poorly-Turned Out Chocolate Cake Made for a Great Kid

Yesterday was Ryley’s 15th birthday. As he’s grown older, his tastes have simplified from outlandish cartoon-inspired cake toppers to this year’s request: A simple chocolate cake. He briefly mentioned having a Colorado Driver’s Permit-shaped cake, but I gave him a shocked look and he quickly understood it would exceed my skill set. Plus, it’s not […]

A One-Boy Twelve-Drummers-Drumming

It’s the twelfth day of Christmas and Archie’s 5th birthday. I can hear the sound of a dozen drummers with 24 sticks striking in unison. It’s time to march to the beat, maybe high-stepping a few laps around the living room because January birthdays are usually inside affairs. By the time you get to this […]