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…all is safely gathered in…

Yesterday, right before dusk, we went on a walk to the lake in our neighborhood. It was the night before Thanksgiving and it was a spontaneous decision. The weather was in the 70s, which is a gift in itself. I knew the lake would be littered with ducks and geese, which is a fun sight […]

Little engines can do the biggest things

With such a big family, we love having opportunities to spend time with just a few. We got to take our three youngest kiddos to a Day out with Thomas. None of them are as foaming-at-the-mouth, obsessive fans as our older boys were, but they are happily familiar with Thomas and his friends. The little […]

Soaking the celebration ~ Week 5

Water > Fire

It was like celebrating Christmas without a tree, stockings, a nativity, church by candlelight. The 4th of July in a state with a recent fireworks ban (due to crispy conditions and deadly wildfires) means a day without smoke, booms, more booms, rockets red glare, things bursting in air. We had to come […]