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…all is safely gathered in…

Yesterday, right before dusk, we went on a walk to the lake in our neighborhood. It was the night before Thanksgiving and it was a spontaneous decision. The weather was in the 70s, which is a gift in itself. I knew the lake would be littered with ducks and geese, which is a fun sight for the little ones. With a forecast of snow next week, I like to pounce on good weather and kiss it.

Baby Oliver wasn't even an idea last Thanksgiving. I'm so glad there are Ideas beyond my own.

So we walked. It was extraordinarily beautiful. Before we left, Beatrix asked if we were going on an exercise walk or an adventure walk—she differentiates. I said maybe a bit of both.

The water has receded because of drought. It's not often you can find shells in Colorado.

Isn’t that life, though? Exercises of all kinds, mental, physical, and spiritual. Adventures of the mental, physical, spiritual. This year held plenty of both. We had four hospitalizations, pregnancy, bedrest, travel, learning, fighting, kissing, struggling, soaring. And here we are on Thanksgiving Day. I’m waiting for a clean kitchen to make a cake. How blessed am I? All is safely gathered in.

On the small shore

Mr. Ripple



Taking flight

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~

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