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The Fast, The Furious, The French-Fried

Aidan’s high school chamber choir held their annual service day and Thanksgiving feast this past Saturday. Like last year, she signed up to bring green bean casserole. Because I didn’t want her hauling around a hot green bean casserole all day, she could mix the ingredients, put them in a baking dish, then I would […]

99 Non-Shopping Things to do on Black Friday

1. Sleep 2. Eat leftovers. 3. Watch old movies 4. Watch new movies (“Frozen” springs to mind) 5. Adopt this really cool custom on Thanksgiving. Do the embroidery on Friday. 6. Go on a long, long, long walk 7. Make Borax snowflakes 8. Play with your dog 9. Video games 10. Board games 11. Card […]

Candy Cane Fangs are the Key to Happiness

My latest post is up over at The Denver Post’s Mile High Mamas. I made a handy-dandy list of 42 crazy-simple ways you can recapture holiday magic. Think like a child! Be a big bad wolf. Play with your cousins. Stick your tongue to a metal light pole on a frosty wintery morn. Go say […]