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The very elated laundress

I think Archie best expressed all our feelings this morning when he did a trumpet fanfare in front of the toilet.

For the past two days, we haven’t had working plumbing. The clean water flowed abundantly. It’s just that nothing would drain. Somewhere between house and street was a clog. Memories of a flushed […]

…all is safely gathered in…

Yesterday, right before dusk, we went on a walk to the lake in our neighborhood. It was the night before Thanksgiving and it was a spontaneous decision. The weather was in the 70s, which is a gift in itself. I knew the lake would be littered with ducks and geese, which is a fun sight […]

The Appendix Monster’s Revenge ~ A Real Halloween Scary Story

“Mom, my stomach hurts,” Ryley said as he climbed in the van after school last Tuesday.

If I had a yellow feather for every time a child climbed into the van after school saying their tummy or head or big toe ached, I could make Big Bird. Sadly, my first reaction wasn’t concern or […]