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Little engines can do the biggest things

With such a big family, we love having opportunities to spend time with just a few. We got to take our three youngest kiddos to a Day out with Thomas. None of them are as foaming-at-the-mouth, obsessive fans as our older boys were, but they are happily familiar with Thomas and his friends. The little guys like watching episodes and playing with our train table, but they don’t swoon over Thomas bedsheets, dishes, backpacks, and undies. Yet.

They were excited to get to know him a bit better.

Archie, on the shuttle taking us to A Day out with Thomas ~ He's slightly excited

Looking grim, only because my camera and I were standing between them and TRAINS

The Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden has many trains to explore

Tats for Tots

Even a casual train fan, like Beatrix, found something cool to play with

Little red caboose

In the roundhouse...

1800s-era engines abounded ~ climbing on history, literally

Finally! Time to ride!

It was a perfect late-summer day out with Thomas

On loop 3 out of 3 loops around the Colorado Railroad Museum property ~ We saw a family of deer!

Thomas, we love you!

1 comment to Little engines can do the biggest things

  • When our boys were around this age, we took them to Austin for A Day Out With Thomas. It was pretty neat, and we all had fun.

    My two enduring memories from that day?

    1. Jacob (who was potty training at the time) peed on the seat and we didn’t know it until we got up to disembark and saw the puddle.

    2. I took a photo of the boys peering out the window of the train — one of my favorite Christmas card photos ever!

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