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Your Summer ’15 Fruit Salad Looks Like This Now

There is something lovely about seeing the first blush of a splashing sweet peach, a tart apple, a sweet soft pear. In late August, when my chin is sticky from a Palisade Peach, I’ll remember how it began. The Grand Valley in western Colorado is in full, glorious bloom. Here’s the evidence, taken just days […]

It’s Monumental ~ A Photo Parade of a Beautiful Place

I grew up in the valley below. Every time we visit my parents, who still live in Grand Junction, I see the Colorado National Monument to the west. Visitors hear the name “monument” and assume it’s a statue but locals and people willing to explore know it’s like a mini Grand Canyon plus Mars. It’s […]

Summer Photo Splash #4

After arriving home from Grand Junction, we concentrated on a lot of outside play. The kids biked and went to playgrounds, as well as simply hanging out at home.

But last Wednesday, I returned to Grand Junction, taking Aidan and Sam with me. I took them because they are older, […]