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Summer Photo Splash #4

After arriving home from Grand Junction, we concentrated on a lot of outside play. The kids biked and went to playgrounds, as well as simply hanging out at home.

But last Wednesday, I returned to Grand Junction, taking Aidan and Sam with me. I took them because they are older, […]

Summer Photo Splash #3

On Tuesday, June 17th, my mom stepped off a curb wonkily when a gust of wind blew hair in her face. She twisted her ankle as she fell to the ground, landing squarely on her right knee and hand. She heard a loud pop and knew she was in trouble. A woman driving by saw […]

Summer Photo Splash #2

This batch features backyard play, family Duck Duck Goose, mini golfing, hiking at Mt. Falcon, a first shake.

Let’s keep track:

Summer Photo Splash #1