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We Found Summer at Water World

When we walked into Water World, Teddy looked around, gasped, and shouted, “It’s like we’re on a vacation!” He was spot-on. Nothing transforms summer in the suburbs into exotic, sun-soaked fun than a massively creative collection of water slides, pools, and playgrounds. 70 acres of rolling hills with dozens of spots to play = vacation. […]

It’s Monumental ~ A Photo Parade of a Beautiful Place

I grew up in the valley below. Every time we visit my parents, who still live in Grand Junction, I see the Colorado National Monument to the west. Visitors hear the name “monument” and assume it’s a statue but locals and people willing to explore know it’s like a mini Grand Canyon plus Mars. It’s […]

Gold Rush

It turns out Aspen isn’t just the city Lloyd and Harry deliver a briefcase to Mary Samsonite. Aspens are a towering grass with soft white stalks and a habit of turning brilliant, bursting yellow every September. Colorado is home to zillions of these glimmering flame-like trees and we got to go see a few this […]