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Quiz: Are you Living with a Four-Year-Old Boy?

1. Old MacDonald has a…

a) Farm b) Cow c) Poop

2. A young child has a secret to tell you. What is it?

a) “I know what daddy got you for your birthday!” b) “(Sibling’s name) took the rest of your chocolate!” c) After giggling that sprays your ear with saliva, “Poop!”


She’s Crafty, She Gets Around

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend I’ll blame on Pinterest, blogging, and social media. There is a brigade of moms who turns every minor holiday, celebrity birthday, movie opening into a Grand Event worthy of celebrating, photographing, and making tutorials.

Behold My Superior Cookie Sandwiches! To make: cookies + frosting!

I […]

Toddler or Puppy: A Quiz

How do you know if you are caring for a toddler or a puppy? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Hopefully, this quiz will clarify when you find yourself in a variety of confusing situations.

1. “Don’t chew on that!” What is being chewed?

a. Paper towel tube b. Desk knob c. The hem […]