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Chocolate and Dogs Can Be a Deadly Combination

It’s a rite of passage for many kids. I remember sneaking into a cupboard looking for a snack when I saw a box of baker’s chocolate. Being a kid, I focused on the word chocolate and not so much on the baking part. When I bit into what I expected to be a bit of […]

Georgebailey, I’ll love you ’til the day I die

A year ago today, we got a new dog. I still don’t know why we got another dog because we already had (and still have) a perfectly fine dog, Junie. She was doing her job of being a companion for the kids and the world’s top incessant barker. She still looks in the mirror every […]

Toddler or Puppy: A Quiz

How do you know if you are caring for a toddler or a puppy? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. Hopefully, this quiz will clarify when you find yourself in a variety of confusing situations.

1. “Don’t chew on that!” What is being chewed?

a. Paper towel tube b. Desk knob c. The hem […]