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She’s Crafty, She Gets Around

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend I’ll blame on Pinterest, blogging, and social media. There is a brigade of moms who turns every minor holiday, celebrity birthday, movie opening into a Grand Event worthy of celebrating, photographing, and making tutorials.

Behold My Superior Cookie Sandwiches! To make: cookies + frosting!

I think this dilutes the truly set-apart days. One of the things that makes major holidays special is they are anticipated eagerly. Energy and time are poured into them to make them special and heighten the meaning for celebrants. This doesn’t mean life in between should be grey and boring—something to trudge through. Rather, it means that daily life is GOOD ENOUGH. Bake cupcakes because it’s a random Tuesday. Not because a Dr. Seuss movie is in the theaters.

I made a little tongue-in-cheek quiz to rank where you fall on the crafty scale. Balance is key. The quiz is over at Mile High Mamas today! It bears repeating: You don’t need to be a Colorado mom, a mile high, or even a mama to visit. Go say hello and share where you land.

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