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15 Haiku About My Electric Blanket

Innards sizzle from electromagnetic waves. I don’t really care.

Settings 2 and 8 are as vastly different than saute and broil.

Me and cookie dough: Please preheat for best results, simpatico, we.

Three in the morning, wake startled from a strange dream. No, Cookie Monster!

You and winter should have an epic rap […]

A “Doctor Who” Love Song

My son, the Bard! He wrote the following sonnet for a school assignment. If you don’t know what a Dalek is, you are missing out. They are evil robot things that cause The Doctor much misery on the legendary uber-British sci-fi show.

Should I Compare you to a Mad Dalek?

By: Sam, 6th Grade


The handsome rumble of a UPS truck makes my heart soar

‘Tis the season of red, green, white, and brown.

Several years ago, I wrote haiku dedicated to the loathesome task of Christmas shopping. A sample:

Santa is scary Beard like albino ferret, Food court taco breath.

Today, I have a whole new batch up at Mile High Mamas. This time, I dedicated my […]