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A “Doctor Who” Love Song

My son, the Bard! He wrote the following sonnet for a school assignment. If you don’t know what a Dalek is, you are missing out. They are evil robot things that cause The Doctor much misery on the legendary uber-British sci-fi show.

Should I Compare you to a Mad Dalek?

By: Sam, 6th Grade

Should I compare you to a mad dalek?
You are far less evil but as ugly,
You are something I will not ever lick,
You and your perfections are quite smugly,
Either way you are actually real,
And killing’s definitely not your fate
I can’t recall when you last ate a meal
You madly scream out loud: exterminate!
Your skin is not as hard as space metal,
Though you suck the mind out of my body
You never steam out like a hot kettle
Though you always seem quite snotty
So as long as you fly and shoot lasers,
I will always, always, hold a taser.

(sorry William)

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