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Fifth grade is the friendliest grade, and other first day lessons

First day of school photos are non-negotiable. They will happen, come zit or cowlick, come mismatched oddball fashion choice, come whatever. I’m don’t rush out and buy first day of school outfits because my choices end up being even more corny than how they kids already dress half the time, so they wear whatever strikes […]

You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Lady! #4 Shocked Me!

1. I’m adopting the new style of headline writing and list-making for our pathetic attention spans and hunger for sensationalism.

2. Just kidding. This is only for today.

3. I have a kid starting kindergarten in five days and another starting senior year in twelve days. These are big deal milestones.

4. There […]

Summer Wonderland

The swirls and curls of vines and petals serve as inspiration for glass artist Dale Chihuly. In June, the Denver Botanic Gardens opened an exhibit featuring the world-famous glass artist. Throughout the gardens we found a whimsical collection of his creations placed perfectly. Colors contrast and play off each other. Light bounces and illuminates. Water […]