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Your Summer ’15 Fruit Salad Looks Like This Now

There is something lovely about seeing the first blush of a splashing sweet peach, a tart apple, a sweet soft pear. In late August, when my chin is sticky from a Palisade Peach, I’ll remember how it began. The Grand Valley in western Colorado is in full, glorious bloom. Here’s the evidence, taken just days […]

Summer Wonderland

The swirls and curls of vines and petals serve as inspiration for glass artist Dale Chihuly. In June, the Denver Botanic Gardens opened an exhibit featuring the world-famous glass artist. Throughout the gardens we found a whimsical collection of his creations placed perfectly. Colors contrast and play off each other. Light bounces and illuminates. Water […]

Summer Photo Splash #3

On Tuesday, June 17th, my mom stepped off a curb wonkily when a gust of wind blew hair in her face. She twisted her ankle as she fell to the ground, landing squarely on her right knee and hand. She heard a loud pop and knew she was in trouble. A woman driving by saw […]