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Gold Rush

It turns out Aspen isn’t just the city Lloyd and Harry deliver a briefcase to Mary Samsonite. Aspens are a towering grass with soft white stalks and a habit of turning brilliant, bursting yellow every September. Colorado is home to zillions of these glimmering flame-like trees and we got to go see a few this […]

I went to the mountains and looked around

I spent the weekend in Breckenridge with dear friends. All of us are moms, we’ve been friends since our big kids were small, and we didn’t clean up after ourselves until it was time to go. We decided it was a sign we are thoroughly comfortable with each other. We’ve gone on our self-styled October […]

Bouncing back beautifully ~ Week 3

The new week began gingerly. Tommy focused on recovering from his bout with appendicitis, but still felt up to grabbing some banana pudding ice cream on Father’s Day. The surgeon said kids are running within a week. I was skeptical, but he was right.

Later in the week, our family got to spend a […]