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Bouncing back beautifully ~ Week 3

The new week began gingerly. Tommy focused on recovering from his bout with appendicitis, but still felt up to grabbing some banana pudding ice cream on Father’s Day. The surgeon said kids are running within a week. I was skeptical, but he was right.

Later in the week, our family got to spend a few days at Family Camp at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park. Everyone had a blast. It was gorgeous, the weather was perfect, and there were plenty of activities to keep everyone happy.

And Tommy ran.

Father's Day ~ Little Man Ice Cream

A Father on his Day

YMCA of the Rockies, Estes Park, Colorado

Soaking in the western ambience with a cowboy singalong

Being crafty and artsy


100-year-old porch has seen a lot of rockers, including mine

Estes Park taffy ~ which later melted in 100+ degree heat


Dipping our toes into summer’s cauldron ~ Week 1
Slamming on the brakes ~ Week 2

5 comments to Bouncing back beautifully ~ Week 3

  • Oh how fun!! We love Estes Park. I miss Colorado so much!


  • Amy

    I love YMCA of the Rockies. I went to camp there every summer when I was a kid. So many good memories…

    So glad Tommy has recovered and that our summer has bee fun-filled so far.

  • So glad your young man is so much better – aren’t kids incredible – really!!! Hope your summer keeps on rocking along – because I am loving reading about it!!!

  • So glad Tommy is feeling better! The YMCA looks wonderfully rustic and refreshing.

    Sorry y’all are experiencing Texas-like heat this week. I saw the travel forecast on the morning news and thought, “101 in Denver? That’s go to be a typo!” Our forecast high for today is 103. Ouch.

  • Oh to be able to bounce back like a kid… so glad he is doing well.

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