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Super Daddyman vs. The Maple Marauder

We had a bizarre little tree in our backyard. It was planted by the previous owners, who apparently bought many of our fixtures and features on clearance at a two-bit dollar store. This little tree was probably out by the back dumpster waiting for her Charlie Brown. It was a scribble of a tree. After […]

Bouncing back beautifully ~ Week 3

The new week began gingerly. Tommy focused on recovering from his bout with appendicitis, but still felt up to grabbing some banana pudding ice cream on Father’s Day. The surgeon said kids are running within a week. I was skeptical, but he was right.

Later in the week, our family got to spend a […]

He would be what he wanted to be

I ask my sons what they want to be when they grow up. Over the years, their ever-changing answers have been as diverse as they are: Train-driver, police officer, artist, doctor, mime, paleontologist, computer animator, and cow.

None has said he wants the job of daddy. They want to have kids because they make […]