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I went to the mountains and looked around

I spent the weekend in Breckenridge with dear friends. All of us are moms, we’ve been friends since our big kids were small, and we didn’t clean up after ourselves until it was time to go. We decided it was a sign we are thoroughly comfortable with each other. We’ve gone on our self-styled October retreats several times in past years and I hope many more are in the future. My friends and I get different things out of our yearly weekends away, but we share several common experiences. We laugh, eat, soak, walk, snooze, shop, cry, read, pray, and watch comedies.

One of my favorite things about getting away is feeding my hunger for natural beauty. Good thing I was born, raised, and still reside in Colorado. Funny how the drama of majestic landscape is quieting while at the same time stirring and inspiring. Seeing how small I am in this big, big world fills me with awe and gratitude. All creation sings and when I catch the song, I join. Melodies are carried well in thin air.

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