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Haircut, Haircut Number Nine

Sharp scissors, meet tender cornsilk hair. It’s inevitable, this side of Samson. First haircuts happen, even those we try to stave off with the mighty will of a wistful mom inhaling the scent of a baby’s freshly-washed whirls and curls.

Out of our seven boys, Ollie had the most hair by toddlertime. A bar […]

Walk like a man

“Oh my gosh! He’s walking like a people!”

Ollie is officially stomping around our house. Like a car out of alignment from too many brushes with potholes, he veers a little to the left. He adjusts himself, though, having enough skill to recalibrate to the open arms ahead. It’s delightful and bittersweet. How lucky […]

My last baby’s first tooth is my last first tooth

Ollie’s first tooth popped through his gums this morning. He’s only 11.5 months old. What’s the rush?

Someone asked me if his milestones are especially poignant, knowing he’s our last baby. Yes.

Yes, his milestones have inspired more quiet reflection than with the other kids. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t excited or proud […]