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I still live with my parents

Beatrix reads well. She’s wrapping up first grade with several chapter books on her shelves and a natural curiosity about all-things written. This includes clothing. A few days ago, I dressed Ollie in a onesie passed down to me from a friend. It has a cute message.

I Still Live With My Parents

It’s […]

Carrying a Continent on His Back ~ Ollie’s Birthmark Story

When a mom has a new baby, one of the first things she does after birth is inspect her little one from head to toe. I was told Oliver was perfectly healthy, with ten fingers, ten toes, a nose. He had some ear tags, but it wasn’t a surprise. Tommy had them at birth, too. […]

Oliver Epic ~ A Birth Story

When Teddy was born a little over two years ago, I noted he backed his way into the world. He was breech. It was a difficult delivery marked by a stuck head, severed bladder, severe internal scarring, and time in the special care nursery. Before he was born, I was on full bedrest for a […]