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The Very Rude Pumpkin ~ Spooky Science for Halloween

Back in March, the kids and I got to do some fun, holiday related science experiments thanks to Steve Spangler. Leprechauns and the color green were the focus as St. Patrick’s Day approached. We turned roses the color of Ireland and shined coins with taco sauce. It was a lot of fun making some new […]

A woman has a conversation with her decorative scarecrow

decorative scarecrow

“Hi again!”

“Oh, it’s you.”

“You’re a bit dusty. You smell. Nothing a little fresh air won’t fix!”

“Gee, thanks. I’m not sure the past year has been kind to you, either.”

“Let’s shake you out and fluff your straw a bit!”

“Watch it! I think there’s a black widow living inside […]

The Appendix Monster’s Revenge ~ A Real Halloween Scary Story

“Mom, my stomach hurts,” Ryley said as he climbed in the van after school last Tuesday.

If I had a yellow feather for every time a child climbed into the van after school saying their tummy or head or big toe ached, I could make Big Bird. Sadly, my first reaction wasn’t concern or […]