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Saturday Siblings ~ The Appendix Brothers

In 2012, Thomas and Ryley had appendicitis. Tommy said goodbye to his on Flag Day. Ryley kicked his to the curb on Halloween. I was a nervous mama on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Luckily, the remaining nine appendixes are still in place and doing what appendixes do. Tommy and Ryley have this shared experience and it […]

The Appendix Monster’s Revenge ~ A Real Halloween Scary Story

“Mom, my stomach hurts,” Ryley said as he climbed in the van after school last Tuesday.

If I had a yellow feather for every time a child climbed into the van after school saying their tummy or head or big toe ached, I could make Big Bird. Sadly, my first reaction wasn’t concern or […]

Feeding the Appendix Monster

Just before our 10-year-old son, Tommy, was wheeled into surgery, he was asked by the nurse if he had any more questions. He did.

“What will happen to my appendix?”

The nurse said they feed it to the Appendix Monster who lives in the hospital’s basement. Tommy laughed, which made him wince in […]